Top 10 IoT Dashboards

What is IoT Dashboard

An Internet of Things (IoT) dashboard is a data visualization tool that transforms, displays, and organizes a collection of data captured and transmitted by network-connected devices. The primary purpose of an IoT dashboard is to provide human-readable information-at-a-glance to remotely monitor historical and real-time IoT data.

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Below are the top 10 IoT dashboards 👇

Arduino IoT Cloud

Targeted at developers, system integrators and maker hobbyists, the Arduino IoT Cloud is an easy-to-use Internet of Things application platform that enables users to develop and manage IoT applications that solve real-life problems in a business environment or in everyday life.

The introduction of this platform builds on Arduino’s mission of making complex technology simple enough for anyone to use.

“With the launch of the Arduino IoT Cloud, Arduino now provides its millions of users with a complete end-to-end approach to IoT that includes hardware, firmware, cloud services, and knowledge,” says Arduino CIO Luca Cipriani. This public beta release of the Arduino IoT Cloud, with automatic dashboard generation, webhooks support, and full TLS secure transport, will be an invaluable asset to users.”

Easy for beginners, fast for professionals

  • Based on the Arduino environment familiar to millions of users
  • Quickly build-remote sensor monitoring using widgets
  • Connect to a spreadsheet, database, or automate alerts using webhooks
  • Create your own app by using Arduino IoT API

Read More…

Getting started guide for Arduino IoT Cloud using ESP32 / ESP8266



Particle offers development broad like Arduino and extensive cloud-to-edge framework for managing connected devices. It accommodates a broad array of tasks, including asset tracking, fleet management, predictive maintenance, environmental monitoring, real-time order fulfillment and remote monitoring and controls.


  • Global IoT connectivity through Wi-Fi, cellular and BLE in over 150 countries.
  • Strong security features, including built-in device encryption, PKI authentication, robust security logging and strong privacy controls.
  • Strong analytics and ML features.
  • Excellent scalability, including auto-provisioning and device scaling.
  • Large community of users and strong support capabilities.


  • Complex configurations can be prone to disruptions and interruptions.
  • High upfront costs but are tempered by reduced operations and development costs.
  • Users complain that the environment can be complex.


They have some complicated pricing plans check out here


ThingsBoard is an open-source IoT platform that enables rapid development, management, and scaling of IoT projects. provides the out-of-the-box IoT cloud or on-premises solution that will enable server-side infrastructure for your IoT applications.

You can learn by watching these tutorial from their own official YouTube channel


With ThingsBoard, you are able to:

  • Provision devices, assets and customers, and define relations between them.
  • Collect and visualize data from devices and assets.
  • Analyze incoming telemetry and trigger alarms with complex event processing.
  • Control your devices using remote procedure calls (RPC).
  • Build work-flows based on a device life-cycle event, REST API event, RPC request, etc.
  • Design dynamic and responsive dashboards and present device or asset telemetry and insights to your customers.
  • Enable use-case-specific features using customizable rule chains.
  • Push device data to other systems.
  • Much more…


  • Self-hosting option is available. Can be deployed in an external cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP, etc), or on the local server (On-premise).


  • Prior knowledge in GNU/Linux commands
  • High pricing.


Thingsboard IoT dashboard has three editions are available with a free community edition.

  • Community edition
  • Professional edition
  • Trendz Analytics

Check out the full pricing details here


Ubidots is an IoT Platform empowering innovators and industries to prototype and scale IoT projects. We can use Ubidots platform to send data to the cloud from any Internet-enabled device. Like IFTTT we can configure actions and alerts based on our real-time data. Ubidots also offers a REST API that allows us to read and write data to the resources available: data sources, variables, values, events and insights.


  • For Educational or Personal purposes Ubidots is proving a FREE product called Ubidots STEM.
  • Custom White-label Branding, Mask Ubidots branding with your own organization’s brand.
  • The IoT dashboard is available as an Android app. is working with dozens of different processors, technologies and hardware manufacture. This IoT Application Enablement Platform enables fast and scalable connection of things to the Internet with multiple protocols, encryptions and payloads. The turn-key solution for your project. The sky is the limit. IoT platform allows you to create dashboards and control panels for you and any actor related to your IoT project.

100% of our clients run under their URL and logos. With thethings.iO dashboards, you and your customers can visualize data, KPIs and more with few clicks. We are the end-to-end simplest IoT platform in the market.

How to use ESP8266 with IoT platform


Check out the pricing details here


According to Thingspeak developers, ThingSpeak is an open-source Internet of Things (IoT) application and API to store and retrieve data from things using the HTTP and MQTT protocol over the Internet or via a Local Area Network. ThingSpeak enables the creation of sensor logging applications, location tracking applications, and a social network of things with status updates.

ThingSpeak was originally launched by ioBridge in 2010 as a service in support of IoT applications.ThingSpeak has integrated support from the numerical computing software MATLAB from MathWorks allowing ThingSpeak users to analyze and visualize uploaded data using Matlab without requiring the purchase of a Matlab license from Mathworks.


Cayenne is one of the easiest and power IoT platforms for developing beautiful UI for IoT solutions. Cayenne builds drag and drop UI for IoT, so with drag & drop UI and CE plug and play hardware you can build IoT solutions within few minutes. Cayenne supports master devices like Raspberry Pi, Arduino, LoRa, and much more.

Easy to use and you can access the dashboard from both the mobile app and desktop


Blynk is an Internet of things (IoT) company that provides a platform for building mobile (IOS and Android) applications that can connect electronic devices to the Internet and remotely monitor and control these devices.

Blynk supports more than 400 boards already, including support for Arduino, Particle, ARM mbed, TI Energia, MicroPython, Node.js, OpenWRT and many Single Board Computers. You can add your own connection types easily

To connect your hardware to the Internet, you can choose almost any module either built-in, or external shields Supported connectivity like WiFi, Ethernet, Cellular (GSM, 2g, 3g, 4g, LTE), Serial, USB via your PC, Bluetooth (BETA), etc…


Adafruit IO

Adafruit IO is a platform designed to display, respond, and interact with your project’s data. We also keep your data private (data feeds are private by default) and secure (we will never sell or give this data away to another company) for you. It’s the internet of things – for everyone!


Initial state

Initial state is a very affordable IoT Platform for Data Visualizations with unlimited device supports


Your Fav IoT Dashboard

So which of the above mentioned IoT Dashboard are you going to use for your next project?

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  1. There is a new dashboard app for arduino called the dash app. There is an open source library on GitHub.

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