About Us

About Us

Diyusthad.com is an education website dedicated to learning Arduino, Espressif, Raspberry Pi, Processing3, and Internet of Things. We create tutorials, tips, tricks, how it works, examples projects, getting started guides, product reviews, pinout diagrams, etc… in an easy to understand way to help beginners to quickly get started.

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One of our project was featured in HackSpace magazine on issue#16 March 2019.

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This is a wonderful sites about DIY projects especially I love the processing tutorials and the project LED cube it is really awesome
I saw a sound reacting cube of diyusthad's YouTube and loved it! My team and I created a replica for one of our semester long project and along with the tips we received, we were able to make a very successful project
Akhila Abraham
Engineering Student
What is the meaning of Usthad?

Master,  So DIY Usthad means, Master of Do It Yourself.

Credits: Icons made by Freepik from www.flaticon.com
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