no more hot word in raspberry pi google assistant
7th September 2019

No more Google assistant​ Hot-Word wakeup in Raspberry Pi

esp pir iot motion sensor
2nd September 2019

IoT Motion Sensor – ESP 01 + PIR

Enable SSH In Raspberry Pi Without Monitor & Keyboard
21st August 2019

How to enable SSH on​ Raspberry Pi if you don’t​ have an HDMI monitor & keyboard

RGB LED with Arduino
18th August 2019

12v RGB LED with Arduino

ys m3 sound module
9th July 2019

YS – M3 Sound Module

esp32 sim800l
6th July 2019

ESP32 With Onboard SIM800L !

elk board
29th June 2019

Elk – The Arduino compatible development board that interface with Blockchain

29th June 2019

How to use a TTP223 based touch switch

raspberry pi 4
25th June 2019

The new Raspberry Pi 4 is here!

arduino nano iot
22nd June 2019

Arduino Nano is back with WiFi ! – Nano 33 IoT


No more Google assistant​ Hot-Word wakeup in Raspberry Pi

Introduction Google deprecated The Google Assistant Library for Python as of June 28th, 2019 and instead, they are telling to use the Google Assistant Service. The major thing is that they have removed hands-free activation ie the hot-word (ok google / hey google) activation. Now if you

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