RFID Solenoid Lock Using Arduino Nano

In this project, we are going to build an RFID based solenoid lock.

When we show the RFID card we assigned for the lock then the lock will get unlocked for 5 seconds and automatically will get locked again.


Hardware Required

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TIP120cart iconcart iconcart icon
1N4007 Diodecart iconcart iconcart icon
RFID Readercart iconcart iconcart icon
Solenoid Lockcart iconcart iconcart icon
Arduino Nanocart iconcart iconcart icon



RFID Lock using Arduino nano by diyusthad.com
ArduinoRFIDSolenoidTIP120/122Diode (1n4007)12v Power Supply
VINTerminal 1Anode+12v
Base(via 2.2k resistor)
Terminal 2CollecterCathode

PCB Prototyping From PCBWay

Step 1: Download Gerber Files

Step 2: Upload in PCBWay

  • Now click the +Add Gerber File button.
  • Then choose the file from your computer and upload.
  • After uploading you can view an image of the PCB
  • There are a lot of settings to choose from, I just left everything to default except the color to black.
  • Now choose your shipping method and country and click on save to cart button.
  • Then create an account or login if you already have an account in PCBWay.
  • Make the payment and your PCB will reach you in a few days 
PCB received from PCBWay
  • Upload the code and open the serial monitor.
  • Now show your RFID card above the Reader.
  • Now copy the values printed in the serial monitor and paste it in the code where mentioned and upload the code again.
  • Show the same RFID card gain and the lock will get unlocked for 5 seconds and get lock again automatically.

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