LCD Module Pinout

The Pinout diagram of all the below LCD Modules are the same

  • LCD1604 – 16 char / 4 line
  • LCD2004 – 20 char / 4 line
  • LCD1602 – 16 char / 2 line
  • LCD1601 – 16 char / 1 line etc…
1VSS (0v)Ground Potential
2VDD (5v)Positive Voltage
3V0 (Contrast)Contrast adjustment; 0v: Max contrast; 5v: Min contrast
4RSRegister Select; 0: Instruction Register 1: Data Register
5RWRead Write Select pin 0: Write mode; 1: Read mode;
6EEnable Pin To enable the LCD Module
7D0-D7LCD Data Bus line. They are responsible for the parallel data transfer.
15LED+ (A)Back Light Source LED Anode
16LCD- (K)Back Light Source LED Cathode

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