Raspberry Pi is no more having Google assistant​ Hot-Word wakeup.


Google deprecated The Google Assistant Library for Python as of June 28th, 2019 and instead, they are telling to use the Google Assistant Service.

The major thing is that they have removed hands-free activation ie the hot-word (ok google / hey google) activation. Now if you want to talk to your raspberry pi google assistant then you have to do any of the three following option

  • Push to talk
  • Text input
  • Audio file input

Compatibility and feature support of Google Assistant Service.

The following table summarizes the platform compatibility requirements of the Google Assistant Service:

Google Assistant service

Supported architecturesAll gRPC platforms
Supported languagesAll gRPC languages
Hands-free activation
(Ok Google)
Audio capture and playbackReference code is provided
Conversation state managementReference code is provided
Timers and alarmsNo
Playback of podcasts and newsNo
Broadcast voice messagesNo
Visual output (HTML5) of Assistant responsesYes


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