Tripwire Automatically Minimizes Your Tabs When Someone Walks By

Do you always slack off on your computer and worry about getting busted? Not anymore because today we are going to make a Tripwire which automatically minimizes your tabs when someone walks by.


Before we going to the project let me thanks for sponsoring this project.

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This project mainly contains two modules RECEIVER (Rx) and a TRANSMITTER (Tx). The Rx module is the one which we connect to the computer’s USB port which will receive a signal to execute the pre-written script whenever there is a trigger happens in the Tx module.


Hide all your windows
Lock your computer
Execute a custom script to do whatever you want!

Icons made by Pixel perfect from

Supported Platforms



Hardware Required

ComponentsAliExpressali expressDIY Usthad diyusthad
Arduino Pro Minicart iconcart icon
Arduino Pro Microcart iconcart icon
nRF24 Module x2cart icon
IR Obstacle sensorcart iconcart icon
Li-ion Battery 3.7vcart icon
Battery Charging modulecart icon

Schematic & PCB

Transmitter (TX)

Receiver (RX)


Tripwire Automatically Minimizes Your Tabs When Someone Walks By

Transmitter (Tx)


Receiver (Rx)


Inspired by dekuNukem‘s daytripper.

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