Common AC Problems and Solutions

Homeowners need to understand that in order to avoid incurring higher bills and repairs, they need to take care of their air conditioning units. It can be done by carrying out regular AC maintenance, such as annual tune-ups.

We just want to put it out there that it is important to understand the problems that your ACs may have, and for that, you do not need to be an expert on HVAC systems. And in case, you see your AC acting up, you should be able to keep your cool and do the imperative.

Having said that, having smart ACs can be a great help in that regard. Some of the latest smart ACs use high-end technology, such as AI to provide updates on the condition of the AC on your phone. On top of that, these ACs can be connected to other smart devices with a simple application.

smart AC

But it would necessitate you to keep it connected to a reliable internet connection round the clock, such as Xfinity. It is the best internet solution for your home to keep all devices connected. Check out the exciting plans and deals, exclusively for Spanish customers by browsing through Xfinity internet español.

Anyway, considering you have the other AC, we have compiled a set of the most common AC problems and their remedial solutions to help you make a quick assessment of the condition or need of a technician when something goes wrong. So, here are some of the most common AC problems and their solutions:

Indoor Water Leak

If you see water leaking from the indoor AC unit, then you must have forbidden its upkeep and maintenance, haven’t you? Well, here is the reason. The water leaks, indoors, could be due to the system’s clogged condensed drain. Algae and fungi developed in the system cause water to be leaked into your home.

Also, this problem can lead to a broken condenser pump in other conditions. So, in order to fix this problem, you must call a technician over. In case you have experience dealing with ACs, it could be fixed with a quick DIY.

Basically, the solution to this problem is unclogging the clogged condensate pipe. To get rid of fungi and algae, you may pour vinegar into the drain. However, if the condensed pump is broken, you will have to replace it right away.

Outdoor Water Leak

Most often, homeowners may witness water pooling up under the AC’s compressor. Leaking water from the outdoor air conditioning unit could be due to multiple reasons.

  • A Dry Air Filter
  • Broken Condensate Pans
  • Bad AC Seal

So, you must check all of the suspected parts. It’s better to turn off the system and disconnect the power and call a technician right away because dealing with such problems requires skills and expertise.

AC Not Turning On

Well, you just ran errands, you get yourself to fall on the couch, and try to turn on AC, but it does not. Has this ever happened? Well, this is one of the most common problems, and when you find yourself in such an event, here is what you need to do:

  • First of all, check your thermostat batteries and replace them if they are dead.
  • If everything is well with the thermostat batteries, you may check its settings to specifically check out the temperature settings.
  • If it looks alright, you may check the circuit breaker. You can reset the circuit breaker by turning the switch off, then on.

AC Not Blowing Cold Air

Most of the cases, ACs do turn on but they do not work, as in, they do not blow cold air. This is mainly due to dirty and clogged air filters of the unit. With time, dust and other particles are built up on their filters, which freeze up the condenser unit, diminishing the ability of AC to blow cold air. Thus, it is recommended to change air filters every month.

Hot Air Blowing Out

AC blowing hot air is a different condition from AC not blowing cold air, with the former being more dangerous. The reason why your AC is blowing hot air could be because your thermostat is not set to cool. In that case, you would fix the settings right away.
Then, the other reason could be your AC running low on refrigerant, which indicates refrigerant leaks. In such a scenario, you may call up experts to restore the refrigerant levels. Also, dirty evaporator coils could inhibit your AC from blowing cool air. In such a situation, you must get your system cleaned up.

Bottom Line

AC are life savers, especially in throttling summers. But they could lose their efficiency with time if not taken care of properly. In that regard, it is essential to get systems tuned up frequently and solve the problems before they grow big.

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