How to Google a Video with Reverse Search on Phones and PCs?

In today’s world, it is becoming easy to access information from virtually anywhere.

This is particularly true when it comes to accessing and viewing videos, as the advent of the internet has granted us access to an almost infinite array of media.

Sometimes you may find yourself watching a video and wondering what the title of the video is. You may be interested in finding a full version of the clip you’re watching.

Reverse searching a video can be very beneficial for uncovering related information, allowing users to gain more insight about a video. Performing a reverse search on a video can be done both on phones and PCs.

Google has become a powerful tool for searching for and discovering videos online. Users can easily find videos matching a given query using its reverse search capability. 

In this article, we’ll discuss how you can use Google to reverse search video on PC and Mobile and some of the benefits of doing so.

Ways to Reverse Search a Video On Google :

There are various ways to reverse search a video with Google using Google Images, advanced video search, or a third-party search engine.

With these methods, you can easily find any video source and additional information in a few simple steps. 

Use Google Images:

Reverse searching a video using Google Images is a fairly straightforward process that can be completed by following the steps discussed below.

  • Take screenshots of the scenes of the video you want to search. 
  • Once that is done, open the Chrome browser and go to Google Images.
  • If you are browsing from a smartphone, press the three-dot menu in the upper-right corner of Chrome and select Desktop Site to search with images on Google Images. 
  • After doing so, tap the camera icon and select Upload File to select the screenshots you took of the video to browse
  • Alternatively, you can drag and drop the image to upload if they feel comfortable with that procedure. 
  • Once the video screenshot is uploaded, google will return the result related to the uploaded screenshots.

Third-Party search engine:

Reverse Image Search Pro is a Third-Party search engine that offers a variety of features specifically tailored to assist in reverse searching videos on Google. 

This tool lets users rapidly check images to verify that they have not been created through fraudulent or stolen means.

 Additionally, Reverse Image Search Pro can quickly identify people in photos and videos, thus allowing users to ensure they are the people they want them to be. 

This tool can verify images’ accuracy and offers a function that allows users to find visually similar images that match a specific search term.

To reverse search a video, take screenshots from the video, visit the official website and upload or drag into the search bar, 

Upon receiving the information, the image search tool will quickly compare the query image with a vast database based on the metadata of uploaded images to determine the most accurate and relevant results.

It is performed automatically and with great precision, allowing users to find the images they need quickly and effectively.

Advanced Video Search:

Google’sGoogle’s Advanced Video Search is a powerful tool that allows users to refine their search for videos on PC and mobile by applying specific criteria to the keywords used.

This feature lets users specify parameters such as language, upload date, duration, and more so that the search results can be narrowed down to the most relevant videos. 

This search type is beneficial when the user is trying to locate a video based on a detailed description. It allows the user to filter out videos that do not meet the specified criteria. 

Furthermore, this feature can search for videos that are not easily located with a simple keyword search.

Consequently, the Advanced Video Search can be a valuable addition to any user’s video search toolkit.

Uses Of Reverse Searching Videos Online:

Reverse video searching is an increasingly important tool in the digital world. It allows users to find videos based on their content rather than the title or other 

information associated with the video.

It has numerous uses, some of which are discussed below.

To Find Video Source:

Reverse searching a video can be a helpful tool to find the origin of a video or where it has been used.

One must first upload the video’s screenshot to a reverse search engine such as Google Images.

Once it has been uploaded, the search engine will then search the web for similar results.

The results will provide links to websites where the video has been used or where it originated from.

It is also an excellent tool for finding out if someone has illegally used your video without permission.

Get The Full Video:

Reverse searching is an effective method of finding full videos and their titles when only short clips are available on platforms such as social media.

By taking a snapshot of the desired video clip and analyzing it, reverse searching can be used to locate a complete video.

This method is helpful in various situations, from locating a full version of a video that has been clipped to finding a full version of a news story that was only partially broadcasted.

Explore Related Content:

Searching for videos related to one’s topic of interest can be a valuable tool for those looking to stay aware of the latest developments in the field.

By conducting a reverse search of the screenshot of a particular video, individuals can discover related topics that may also interest them. 

This is an excellent way to gain valuable insights that one may have yet to be aware of.

Furthermore, searching for related videos allows for a more interactive experience, as one can see the latest developments in action and gain an understanding of the topic at hand. 


In conclusion, using the reverse search on Google can be a helpful tool for finding the video you are looking for.

It can be used to trace back the origin of a photo or video, as well as discover relevant content related to what you’re looking for

Although it might sound complicated, reverse search on phones and PCs is very straightforward. 

It can be done by using google images, advanced video search, and third-party sources on google. 

With this helpful tool, you can find whatever you’re looking for in the blink of an eye!

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