Touch Activated Relay – How to

Let’s learn how to use a touch switch with a single relay or relay channel to control the relays. So that we can drive high voltage appliances using touch switches.


Hardware Used

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TTP223 Touch Switchcart iconcart iconcart iconcart icon
5v Relay
2 Channel
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TTP223 Configurations

ttp223 touch switch configuration

There are total 4 different configurations for the ttp223 touch switch for our current application we are going to use the 2nd configuration which is A is open & B is closed. By default, the ttp223 switch will be coming in configuration 1 which is both A and B are open.


  • Connect the GND of the ttp223 touch switch with the GND of the relay board.
  • Connect the OUT of the ttp223 touch switch to the IN of the relay board.
  • Connect the VCC of the ttp223 touch switch to the VCC of the relay board.
  • Connect the negative of the 5v power supply to the common GND of the circuit.
  • And finally, connect the +5v to the common VCC of the circuit as shown above in the circuit diagram.
  • Now you can connect any AC appliance to the relay as shown.

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