Limiting URL accessibility in Flutter WebView plugin

During the development of our IoT Plant Monitor application, I wanted to show a webpage inside the Flutter application that’s how I find about the FLutter WebView plugin. But I wanted to limit the URL accessibility to only the sub-pages of and open external links in the default browser of the user device so I googled and find some solution and I’m sharing it here for all those who are facing the same issue.

        initialUrl: '',
        navigationDelegate: (navigation) {
          if (!(navigation.url.startsWith(''))) {
            final Uri url = Uri.parse(navigation.url);
            return NavigationDecision.prevent;

          return NavigationDecision.navigate;

  Future _launchUrl(url) async {
    if (!await launchUrl(url,mode: LaunchMode.externalApplication)) {
      throw 'Could not launch $url';

Disable Zoom

I also wanted to disable the zoom option to achieve that we can set zoomEnabled to false

        zoomEnabled: false,

Packages Used

These are the packages and their version used while writing this article.

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