Self balancing Bike!

Honda has revealed a prototype for a motorcycle that can move without being controlled by the rider, and that won’t fall over.

The self-stabilizing technology, named Moto Riding Assist, was unveiled by Honda during a driverless demonstration at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

The Japanese company says that the technology could greatly reduce accidents in slow-moving traffic, as it lessens the possibility of falling over while the motorcycle is at rest.

Powered by a digital system, the technology disengages the handlebar from the front forks when the motorcycle is traveling at speeds below three miles-per-hour, allowing a computer to take control.

The system can also sense leaning. When it does, it swings the wheel to either side to counteract any tipping. It also adjusts the angles of the front forks, lowering the bike’s center of gravity to improve stability.

“This would be for those who want to relax a little bit and not stress out about falling over if they’re older or a little shorter in stature or the bike is heavier,” explained Honda’s Lee Edmunds during a demonstration. “This takes away that anxiety.”

Although the motorbike is still in the prototype stage, Honda says it has the potential to cut road deaths and improve the riding experience.

The technology mirror’s that seen in BMW’s latest concept motorcycle, which has an inability to fall over – claiming to make “accidents a thing of the past”.


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