New IIoT Arduino PORTENTA H7

Arduino PORTENTA H7 for IIoT with 2 Parallel Cores Cortex® M7 & Cortex® M4 Both processors share all the in-chip peripherals and can run: Arduino sketches on top of the Arm® Mbed™ OS, Native Mbed™ applications, MicroPython / JavaScript via an interpreter, & TensorFlow™ Lite

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Windows 10 IoT

Windows for IoT, for your needs Windows 10 IoT Core Built for small, secured smart devices, Windows 10 IoT Core embraces a rich UWP app experiences and provides support for ARM CPUs. Windows 10 IoT Enterprise With all the power of Windows, Windows 10 IoT Enterprise shares all the benefits - and development familiarity -…

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What are infrared signals?

Remote controls such as those used for your TV, DVD/Blu-ray or Cable box use infrared transmitters and receivers. The transmitter is basically nothing more than a flashlight that emits a light beam at a frequency that is lower than the human eye can detect.

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