12v RGB LED with Arduino

12v RGB LED with Arduino


In this tutorial, we are going to learn about how to connect a 12v RGB LED strip with Arduino and how to program to make different color combinations and fading animations.

Things Required

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1k Resistorx3
RGB LED StripYour Wish

You can use any NPN transistors like TIP120, TIP121, TIP122 of N-Channel MOSFETs like IRF540, IRF 530, based on your application you can change the transistors. the difference is that they have a different collector-emitter current rating. For example, if you are using a large length of RGB LED strip then to drive them you will be needing high current transistors like IRF540 which have Drain Current (Id): 28 Amps. Or if you need only a few LEDs then you can use any other NPN transistors like TIP120 which have Collector Current of 5 Amps continuous and 8 Amps peak

In this tutorial, I am using TIP120 and the pinout diagram is shown below. You can download the datasheet from here.

Pin Out – TIP120


  • Connect the emitter of all the transistors to the Ground of Arduino.
  • Connect the Ground of 12V power supply to the Ground of Arduino.
  • Connect the positive terminal of 12V power supply to the 12V pin of RGB LED strip.
  • Connect 1 K resistor to the base of the each transistors as shown.
  • Connect wires form the digital pins D9, D10, D11 to the other end of the resistors as shown in the circuit diagram.
  • Finally connect wires from the R, G and B terminals of the RGB LED strip to the collector (middle pin) if the TIP120 transistors as shown.

Complete Video Tutorial


Color Changing Program

Fading Program

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