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What is Tuya Smart IoT?

Tuya Smart is a leading global IoT Cloud Platform that connects the intelligent needs of brands, OEMs, developers, and retail chains, providing a one-stop IoT PaaS-level solution that contains hardware development tools, global cloud services, and smart business platform development, offering comprehensive ecosystem empowerment from technology to marketing channels to build the world’s leading IoT Cloud Platform.

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tuya smart iot

Implementing an automation system will provide you with comfort, reduce energy consumption, and save money.

There are several ways you can do automation. Many people will try to implement their own system and develop their own control interface. But it’s very difficult and expensive because you need to do a lot of things like:

  • Design & develop the project’s PCBs.
  • Implement the communication protocol between the devices and the server.
  • Develop own application to communicate with the server.
  • Design visual structure for the app with buttons, widgets, user management and other things.

It takes a lot to implement all these things. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to implement it because it requires a large team of people and money to create the entire automation hardware and software solution.

That is when tuya smart IoT comes into play, Just imagine the following situation. where you already have…:

  • A server developed for IoT systems.
  • Preprogrammed modules for easy connection to the cloud.
  • Customizable mobile application developed with several features with beautiful and easy-to-use visual design.
  • Hustle free registration of your device on the internet in a few clicks.

Tuya Smart IoT has developed a system that already has all the above and more to facilitate the connection of your devices to the internet.

In just a short time you are able to create the entire automation solution. All control is done by cell phone. The interface is nice, clean, and pleasant. A complete solution for you to use Arduino and connect your devices to the internet.

With Tuya, you implement IoT networks to your devices and leverage their ecosystem to make a commercial product with mobile apps, AI integrations, and real-time authentications.

Self-service development (Features/Tools)

Creating an IoT-connected device with tuya is like ABC. Tuya is providing a lot of tools to make the prototyping and manufacturing of IoT products so smoothly without any complications.

No-Code Development

The No-Code Development is also known as System on a Chip (SoC) solution, which consists of SoC plug and play solution and SoC custom firmware solution. This solution integrates with more than 10,000 smart product development experiences of Tuya Smart, and it is suitable for electricians, lighting, and other products.

Highly personalized smart home app

Tuya is providing the users with no-code solutions for app designing also. With tuya’s online app designing platform, we can customize almost everything and make it personalized for our IoT products. Still, if you wish to do more customization they are providing app SDK.


Tuya IoT App SDK that includes a variety of IoT features can help you quickly build an IoT mobile app used to connect to ‘Powered by Tuya’ devices. The mobile app developed with the App SDK enables users to pair and control IoT devices, initiate firmware updates, set scheduled tasks, and create smart scenes.

For more details and download the SDKs visit here

Cloud development

Cloud development is an open IoT cloud platform provided by Tuya. This platform provides various cloud services including OpenAPI, covering common capabilities of Software as a Service (SaaS) for core scenarios such as device control, smart home, and scene automation. For application developers, device manufacturers, and solution providers in all industries, cloud development helps you integrate with the capabilities of Platform as a Service (PaaS) in vertical fields such as smart security, smart commercial lighting, smart communities, smart hotels, and smart apartments. Based on the cloud development and supporting services, you can quickly build the smart city, smart business, smart industry, and other industry solutions by using ‘Powered by Tuya’ devices.

For more details on cloud development visit here

Some commercial products powered by Tuya

Tuya for embedded developers / hobbists

Tuya is having its own WiFi and Bluetooth modules which we can connect with any microcontrollers like PIC, Atmel, STM, etc… and they also have a library for Arduino for easy development. Recently they have developed firmware for ESP8266 so that we can now use any ESP8266 development board to communicate with the tuya platform.

How it works

The Arduino board communicates with the ESP8266/tuya module that is flashed with general firmware. An ESP8266 board/tuya module can send/receive device data from the Tuya IoT platform also the Tuya Smart app can pair with the device and connect it to Tuya. Tuya_WiFi_MCU_SDK library encapsulates Tuya’s serial protocol, which saves your effort to fully understand every detail of the logic behind it.

Now Tuya is open to all, join as a beta tester and developer with their recent Arduino Library and Tuya Development kits release. Sign up and join the Tuya Developer Arduino Beta Test

tuya with arduino

Example projects using ESP8266 & Tuya Smart IoT

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