Dark Theme For Arduino IDE

For the DARK THEME lovers like me, almost all IDEs are having the option to enable “Dark theme” except Arduino IDE.

So when I was googling how about “dark theme for Arduino” I landed on a GitHub account by Jeff Thompson where He has made all the required icons and other required files to make our Arduino IDE dark and beautiful.

Below I have explained how to make your Arduino IDE dark in Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Compare between the light and dark themed Arduino IDE


  • First, download the theme from this link https://github.com/jeffThompson/DarkArduinoTheme.git
  • Then replace the theme folder with the download theme folder.
  • Mac users should look in ~/Applications/Arduino.app/Contents/Java/lib and replace the theme folder inside (making a copy of the original in case want to revert back).
  • In Windows the folder will be located in C:/Program Files (x86)/Arduino/lib.
  • Linux it will be in /usr/share/arduino/lib/


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