PCB Designing & Printing


48 Hours Lead Time

2-5 Days Delivery Time


A–grade Military Material and Taiyo Ink

Equipped with Advanced Machines


Great Customer Service and Technical Support.

Qty Of PCB Required (Min 10)

PCB build time take 3-4 days normally. For fast build time choose one below
StanderdExpress 48 hours: $50Express 24 hours: $70


Note: Shipping time will be calculated excluding the PCB build time
Due to Covid-19 there may be 3-4 days delay in shipping time

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PCB Designing

PCB Printing

PCB Assembly


  • Fill all the required information.
  • Upload the PCB schematic drawing (Clear and neat hand drawing also accepted).
  • After analyzing the schematic our engineers will get back to you and the invoice will be emailed to your inbox.
  • Payment can be directly done from your inbox via Paypal.
  • Contact Us for more information.